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The Dawn of A Change

Living the life everyone wants for me
Blindly following instructions that ain’t real
Walking paths already picked out for me
But I wanted to be me,
I wanted to be real…

Going the way of the Lord
Cos I never knew any other
You tried to teach me to be a leader,
The best among peers
Tried to teach me to grow up
and let change take over
I kept being a kid for so long
Blind optimism and dumb reasoning
expecting so much from people
and being let down every time
the cycle of raised and dashed hopes continued.

Influences; good and bad
Pulling right and left
But you wanted me to stay
Right where I was
Till the awaited dawn rises on me
Till change comes and overshadows me
Like a cloud pregnant with rain,
And sweeps me off my feet like a whirlwind

I was naive,
Young and stupid
Fell for ‘love’
Foolishly in love… i was naive
But it passed, like all infatuations do
The hunger came though,
The need for company
The need for friends
But not just friends, fans!
People who cherish my opinions
Who respect my views
I found them amidst my peers
It was great, the look in their eyes
The passion!
like fire in the wind, so it danced in their eyes
we felt the love, that great connection
We were one…
but not for long
till the cynics came in
with them came their kind of change
defiling the sacred circle
jealousy and envy, hate coated with affection
never knew what they had up their sleeves
like the canker-worm,
destructive and yet harmless
back-stabbings, telling tales

And so the fans were gone
friends, not so friendly anymore
with it came the heart break
I couldn’t stand it, friends turned enemies
it hurts still…

amidst the hurt and heartbreak, though
the best times of my life were embedded
Times of laughter, tears, fights, make ups
life goes on.
My mistakes I named experiences
But that chapter of my life ended
Bitter sweet memories still linger
And in no time, I moved on
and another chapter began to unfold…



I am an avid reader and a student of stoicism. I believe we are more powerful than we give ourselves credit, and the limits of our power are still to be discovered. I have a deep interest in the study of the brain and the mind.

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