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My Best Friend

He is my strength when I’m weak

He is my health when I fall sick

He cheers me up when I’m bored

I’m happy He is my Lord.


He is my bread when I’m hungry

He makes me laugh, oh yes, he’s funny

When I’m down he lifts me up

I have no other, he is my all.


He holds my hand and walks with me

When I pray, he grants my needs

When the whirlwind comes as a shock,

He hides me in the cleft of the rock.


He loves me, this I know,

Coz he tells me I’m his own

To me, he is more than a friend

That’s why I call him ‘My Best friend’.




Joel O. is a mathematician with a passion for writing who believes in the power of the mind and what can be achieved if one can 'imagine' it and work towards it.. He is a writer, a poet and a blogger. He is also an editor for Rainbow Chaussure and Executive Editor at Dalet Institute.

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