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Alone in the woods, scared out of my wits
so dark, I could almost feel the darkness
stumbling and staggering through
feeling my way forward
searching for the faintest ray of light at least
how did I get here?
Lost in my own world!

I’m so cold
Im freezing to death…
what’s happening to me?
I’ve lost my way, lost in the heart of the forest
just a little wondering off the path
and now I’m lost

So dark and so empty
I hear a distant howl…
is dat a wolf?
now I’m bleading
what have I done?
this must be a bad dream
I pinch my arm, it hurts
but I’m still here…
Its real! I’m lost

No way forward, no going back
this is the end
I’ll just give up
how long has it been?
seems like forever
now I hear growling
I’m terrified,
its closing in on me
I’m gonna die…
Is that light I see?
I see a light!
Its the dawn, the sun is rising, thank goodness
there is hope for me, there is redemption for me
all in the light of the sun
shinning through my darkest night,
and now I’m found.



Joel O. is a mathematician with a passion for writing who believes in the power of the mind and what can be achieved if one can 'imagine' it and work towards it.. He is a writer, a poet and a blogger. He is also an editor for Rainbow Chaussure and Executive Editor at Dalet Institute.

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