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The word ‘new’ doesn’t necessarily mean something of a kind that has not been seen before, or when saying trying something new, it doesn’t mean something you’ve never tried before. New means doing the same thing you’ve always done differently. Now, that’s originality, that’s new, that’s different
I realize, to be different doesn’t entail becoming someone else, it doesn’t always mean doing things you wouldn’t naturally do. It is doing same things you do everyday, just better, treating people around you nicer, giving more , loving sincerely. This little things go a long way to make us better people. More than we realise, people take note of the little things we do, consciously or otherwise.
Doing things in this manner actually makes us happier, and there is peace deep in your heart. You find that the world is a better place…not until the whole world knows peace, right where we are, we can have our own happily ever after by being different people, loving people, caring people. Everyone can be better but the truth is NOT everyone will be better. Waiting for that day will only make us pause our own lives and it might be too late to start living when we realize this.
So, my advice? Start living better, be new in the little things you do…in fact, be the best you and watch people around you do the same. Then you’ll have your happily ever after in no time. The earlier you start living better, the longer you enjoy life.

Joel Ogunjimi © 2015



I am an avid reader and a student of stoicism. I believe we are more powerful than we give ourselves credit, and the limits of our power are still to be discovered. I have a deep interest in the study of the brain and the mind.

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