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An End Must Come

Random voices in my head
Whispers in the night as I lay in bed
Memories coming back in flashes
Beyong is a light I long to reach…
It happened or will happen…?
I’m confused for all is jumbled in my mind

The past, the present and future
I seem to know for a minute, then the next, I’m clueless.
Staring into empty space, lost in limbo
Wishing and holding on
Trying to get a grip…a grip on life
Trying to smile, to reach the light.
I’m here, hoping for a change,
A change in time, a change of heart
A change of life…
Searching for a purpose… my purpose But the darkness keeps growing Overwhelming that ray of light,
That ray of hope.
Feels like I’m drowning, holding my breath and everything in me hurts
But I keep holding on
For to give up is to die
And death is no option….

Memories in flashes
Taking the form of a past good life
I tried to give it life with my ink
But then, words fail me…
In my moment of weakness,
Trapped in my own thoughts
A deadly reverie…
But an end will come
A sure end will come
To the hurt, or to the hope.
Help must come
To save me from me.
I must reach the light, even if it’s my last deed.
An end must come, for better or worse…



I am an avid reader and a student of stoicism. I believe we are more powerful than we give ourselves credit, and the limits of our power are still to be discovered. I have a deep interest in the study of the brain and the mind.

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