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Back To Love

If time couldn’t change the way I feel about you, then distance is no match…

I’ve loved you from the first day I set eyes on you, and my heart has been yours ever since,

Childish and stupid as I may have been, careless and nonchalant as I may have acted, my heart wouldn’t let go

I roamed and searched and longed for what I once felt with you-

Only if I could find it in another woman’s arms, I mulled

But beyond the eye, beyond touch, beyond words was what I had with you

With no one else do I ever want to share this.


I tried vanity, tried to drown myself in it and drank of its endless well of wantonness

But when I came up for air, your love hit me with a fresh wave of intoxication

And more inebriated than a drunk, I find myself each time


Just a touch, a smile, a loving word from another and my mind drifts back

To a time of love, to the moment our lips first met

To the memories we shared,

To the silence between us filled with unspoken words that only our hearts understood,

To your beautiful smile, enough to light my whole world forever and a day

So much, dearie that I find myself comparing others to you;

In looks, in words, in loving and no one has ever topped your aesthetic character.

Hard to love another when my heart is taken by one

Who has given me love and carelessly I lost the love that loved me the most

But I keep hoping and wishing that one day,

I’ll once again be able to show you in sincerity how I can’t live a day without thinking of you,

How I wish to God that you are still mine

And that one day I’ll show you that

Although my puerility is gone, I’m still the one you once loved

Maybe… just maybe, we can find our way back to love.



I am an avid reader and a student of stoicism. I believe we are more powerful than we give ourselves credit, and the limits of our power are still to be discovered. I have a deep interest in the study of the brain and the mind.

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