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The Last Time

“This is the last time”, I thought. But I knew it wasn’t. I knew this was just like the twenty times I’ve said that before as I shut my door and pulled down the window shades. I took a deep breath and turned the music way up. This has been my habit for the past 32 days since I attended what was the party of the school year. I’m not one that parties, which was not by choice but, no one really wanted a nerd at their party, so you can imagine my surprise when Clara, the class queen’s closest friend, Tolani, asked me if I wanted to attend a birthday party.

When I left home early that night, mom thought I was going over to school to meet up with friends and prepare for finals but this was some sort of final opportunity before graduation that I didn’t want to miss.
Now, I brought out my equipment from the farthest corner of my wardrobe where no one could ever find it – the silver wrap, the spoon, the pen case and the lighter. I thought again that once this is finished, I wouldn’t have to get another one, but deep down I knew I would get my next dose from Pete in school just like I did before.
I sat on the edge of the bed, soft music playing loudly, I put the white powder on the spoon, and lighted the fire under the spoon as I put the case in my mouth and began the now regular routine.
I leaned back and dropped the lighter as I slowly eased into oblivion.



Joel O. is a mathematician with a passion for writing who believes in the power of the mind and what can be achieved if one can 'imagine' it and work towards it.. He is a writer, a poet and a blogger. He is also an editor for Rainbow Chaussure and Executive Editor at Dalet Institute.

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