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Memories Never Fade…

We never really move away from an old life, we just suppress it to entertain and make space for the new one. Sometimes, the new becomes so comfortable that we begin to forget what the old life looks and feels like; we suppress it into oblivion.

But the truly interesting part is that, we never truly forget because we never really moved on in the first place.


It was a part of us, and because of that, it has been created and can not be destroyed, hence it is still a part of us as it will continue to be… So we can move on in life to a far better and happier place and ‘seem’ to forget about the past, but in reality, it’s not lost.

I guess what I’m trying to say is never to forget where you come from – don’t even bother trying because, like a Yoruba proverb says, ‘a river that forgets its source will dry up.’

It is important to note that there is a difference between ‘living in the past’ and ‘not forgetting’: one shapes you into something better while the other keeps you down and stagnant.

So while memories never truly fade, it is more beneficial to take those memories and let them make us into something better than trying to suppress them or wallowing in the sadness some might bring.



Joel O. is a mathematician with a passion for writing who believes in the power of the mind and what can be achieved if one can 'imagine' it and work towards it.. He is a writer, a poet and a blogger. He is also an editor for Rainbow Chaussure and Executive Editor at Dalet Institute.

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