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Five a.m and I’m here pondering.
It’s very saddening looking at our track record over the course of history; it’s not looking very good. If you go through history, you’d see that most of the time, whenever man migrated and settled in a new place, they always found a way of expelling the present residence of the place–and not just expel them to a new location, they expel them into extinction, some animals, some plants. When we move around and put down our foot in a cancerous manner, what good really does that do?

For example, look at the Australian megafaunas. They were alive and kicking until about 45,000 years ago when man settled in Australia and gradually, more than 90% of them disappeared. It happened in America 16,000 years ago, as well as other places; man arrived and the long-time inhabitants began to disappear.

It is obvious that man finds it really difficult to coexist with other creatures, especially those they perceive might be a threat to their beingness. That could have been understandable if it was limited to just that. But when we go into unpeopled forests and jungles and capture these animals and change their mode of living, imposing our own systems on them just so we can watch them from the other side of a glass or a cage. What really is the point?
Go and find out how many animals have gone into extinction in the last 100,000 years and how many of these animals (and plants) have gone into extinction BECAUSE OF MAN. You’d be surprised.

You must have heard of the Ice Age. That was not too long ago. But look at the poles now and compare it to just about 100 years ago and see the significant changes. The earth is dying and it isn’t self-collapsing; man is also the cause, with the pollutions here and there, depleting of the ozonosphere.

Man is like cancer to the earth and every other thing on it.
Perhaps you’re thinking those were the handiworks of our forefathers…WRONG.

We are all guilty.

I am as guilty as the tree-lover who advocates for nature and opposes the felling of trees while he goes to the zoo to look at caged, helpless animals whom should be roaming the jungle and procreating in their own way.

I am as guilty as the vegetarian who wouldn’t eat anything from animals but seats in his lofty penthouse and from there is in charge of one of the corporations that spill waste into the environment that kills the earth.

Someone might say it is the survival of the fittest, we are the smartest so we take charge. Take a minute to rethink that.
How would it feel if we were the only ones left on earth. Because we have found a way to drive even some sea creatures into extinction, pretty soon, if the earth doesn’t die off first, we might be the only ones left here.

It doesn’t matter how much technology we know and how much tech we build. It doesn’t matter how much wealth we acquire, if the earth dies, what will be the point of it all?

We might try to compensate for all the evil we’ve done by building robots and going into space or even trying to find another planet that can sustain life if earth packs up, but if we don’t fix the problem with ourselves and learn to stop destroying everything in our path, we would just end up destroying any new habitat we find…until we finally self-destruct.

But this is just me musing at 5 a.m… I’m probably still sleepy.



I am an avid reader and a student of stoicism. I believe we are more powerful than we give ourselves credit, and the limits of our power are still to be discovered. I have a deep interest in the study of the brain and the mind.

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