Five a.m and I'm here pondering. It's very saddening looking at our track record over the course of history; it's not looking very good. If you go through history, you'd see that most of the time, whenever man migrated and settled in a new place, they always found a way of expelling the present residence … Continue reading Musing

I am Qarah


Co-habiting wasn’t very natural for us in this part of the world before now.
The thought of one’s folks is enough to straighten one up.
It’s not so anymore, folks do not really see a big deal in co-habiting any longer.
Our Parents’ moral standard which seemed to be out of reach seems to have been reached and subtly broken.
Their excuse in recent times is age. Age should not be a reason to misbehave.
If something is wrong for the teenagers then it is wrong for the adult who is not doing it right.
If this continues, it will leave us with uncontrollable teenagers.
For the sake of the upcoming generation and our sanctity we should stop this menace called co-habiting.

Thanks to Hollywood, they have successfully sold it to us over time and we’ve come to buy and accept it as a norm.
No one seem to contend…

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Painless Not dead, though An escape and a release it seems But it's a tight grip; so tight every broken piece holds still; still enough to form a great illusion, an illusion of wholeness... but illusion is like a glass- It can be broken Quiet- Dead quiet, silent and still; still as though the world … Continue reading Numb