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Pills or Injections?

Something I usually look forward to when sick is the time I finally get pricked by an injection.
Compared to some people, it took till I was almost out of my teenage age to start taking injection. A simple or complex combination of pills seemed to always do the trick and I never got so sick as to need the needles.

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The Attention Hoggers

I try my best not to judge others, but in the end I’m just a human, especially since they make it very easy. The attention hoggers who make every bit of step they make a news worthy of our attention. Oh, it’s the food they are eating for the first time, a friend they’ve not seen in forever, a cup of tea we might like (common, it’s your damn cup of tea).

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The Last Time

“This is the last time”, I thought. But I knew it wasn’t. I knew this was just like the twenty times I’ve said that before as I shut my door and pulled down the window shades. I took a deep breath and turned the music way up. This has been my habit for the past 32 days since I attended what was the party of the school year. I’m not one that parties, which was not by choice but, no one really wanted a nerd at their party, so you can imagine my surprise when Clara, the class queen’s closest friend, Tolani, asked me if I wanted to attend a birthday party.
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Lust and Longing

Searching for a memory, hoping to give life to it, a time of fulfilled longing… a cherished time and happy time. A longing for someone from a long time ago, it seems like ages now. Someone I used to know so well I gave myself to. Someone I shared a memory and a time with. Someone always in my thoughts… but all gone with time even as with time it came.

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