Five a.m and I'm here pondering. It's very saddening looking at our track record over the course of history; it's not looking very good. If you go through history, you'd see that most of the time, whenever man migrated and settled in a new place, they always found a way of expelling the present residence … Continue reading Musing


Painless Not dead, though An escape and a release it seems But it's a tight grip; so tight every broken piece holds still; still enough to form a great illusion, an illusion of wholeness... but illusion is like a glass- It can be broken Quiet- Dead quiet, silent and still; still as though the world … Continue reading Numb


Maybe things are different. Or maybe I'm seeing things differently from where I am. Maybe that's what life is supposed to be to each of us - different. Or maybe life isn't so different for us and there is someone out there who's going through exactly the same thing we are going through right in … Continue reading Maybe