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The Paradox of Our Uniqueness

Sometimes I feel like life is a game put together by supernatural forces and all they do to us is just for their amusement or a mere show of power. But even at that, it still feels like their twisted sense of humour gave us something good to help us cope.

When I observe people, their ways, their likes, their wants and interests, I can’t help but wonder if all is just an intricate web designed to make a person unique. You would never find someone who has something unique to them alone in the whole world, however when you check the combination of the similarities in random orders, it makes a person unique.

But this is what begs the question of ‘nature versus nurture’ in psychology. Are we the product of our biochemical make up or of our environment and things we were exposed to growing up, and every day?

The focus for now however is on the similarities in our uniqueness. What that means in simple term is this:

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Understanding Challenges

“There is an old Celtic legend that says, just before each person is born, they are allowed to choose every hardship that they would experience during their lifetime. In this tradition, everyone selects the challenges that they would be able to overcome, the situations and conditions that would push them to learn and grow but that would not defeat them.”

I came across this in a guided meditation on Surrender: Letting Go by Jason Stephenson, and it made me realise that most of us had been going about challenges all wrong.

Most times when the word ‘challenge’ comes up, it almost automatically associates with words like deterrent, hindrances or insurmountable, in our mind. But really, a challenge is a demanding or stimulating situation. A challenge is meant to test us and see if we are fit for promotion. It is meant to ‘stimulate’ us for the sole purpose of growth.

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The Power of ‘Proactivity’

Life deals us a variety of cards on a daily basis.
Some are in line with what our goal in life is and others seem to push us off our path and we have to fight or struggle to get back on our path.

But there is an interesting question to consider: is it possible to control if we are pushed off our path or not?

There are two things we have to consider, and they are:

  • What it means to be reactive, and
  • what it means to be proactive.

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The Need for Paradigm-Shifting in a World of Diversity

It is natural to meet or listen to people we don’t agree with or share their point of view. In fact, it is part of being human, to be able to think in a way that is not necessarily general. But there are certain people that seem to think in ways that you can’t just understand what is going on in their head.

During NYSC I encountered a guy by chance. A young lady was trying to sell some beautiful bead necklaces she had made to my friend, but this guy came from no where and said something like, “this is a waste of time, can you get rich doing this kind of trade? blah blah blah…” and some other things that sounds worse than my paraphrasing. People around him–myself and my friend included–just stared at him, no one could think of an appropriate response to give him. So he walked away.

I have to admit, a lot of responses came to my mind and some of them were not nice at all.
Thinking back to that encounter and many other similar ones prompted the question, “what do I do with people that have a different POV and I don’t naturally agree with? Continue reading “The Need for Paradigm-Shifting in a World of Diversity”

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How to Not Waste Your Life

If there is anything anyone should cherish, keep, guard with all jealousy and zealousness, it is their time.


Time is unarguably the most precious commodity everyone possesses. And as precious as it is, it is given equally to everyone everywhere everyday–as long as they still have breath in them. The only difference is that, while everyone has equal access to time in a day, some people’s time run out before others.


Let me be less vague.

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Realisation is Key to Change

It gets to a time in everyone’s life when you realise you are too old for some things you do everyday and some thoughts you allow to occupy your mind, the people you allow to be in your life, the things you allow to affect you, your reaction to situations… The only difference in individuals is when we come to this realisation.

The sad part of this is that, most people come to this realisation very late in their life.

A friend told me recently, “the difference between us and them is that we are making an effort to be better.”
While I agree with him, the main difference is not the effort, it is rather the realisation. If you don’t realise there is a need to change, you can’t make an effort to change. Continue reading “Realisation is Key to Change”

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Five a.m and I’m here pondering.
It’s very saddening looking at our track record over the course of history; it’s not looking very good. If you go through history, you’d see that most of the time, whenever man migrated and settled in a new place, they always found a way of expelling the present residence of the place–and not just expel them to a new location, they expel them into extinction, some animals, some plants. When we move around and put down our foot in a cancerous manner, what good really does that do?

For example, look at the Australian megafaunas. They were alive and kicking until about 45,000 years ago when man settled in Australia and gradually, more than 90% of them disappeared. It happened in America 16,000 years ago, as well as other places; man arrived and the long-time inhabitants began to disappear. Continue reading “Musing”