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Not dead, though
An escape and a release it seems
But it’s a tight grip;
so tight every broken piece holds still;
still enough to form a great illusion,
an illusion of wholeness…
but illusion is like a glass-
It can be broken Continue reading “Numb”

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In the pangs of labour
there is hope
hope of a new life in the newborn
even as in struggle you devote
time and thoughts in search of the right words
and ways, to tell and show
the huddles and muddle in your mind
you hold on
to that glint you’ve seen afore
’cause you know it holds more,
and more will come just as it has before
Continue reading “Muse”

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Sleep eludes me tonight!
My mind is clear as a cloudless sky
But still sleep eludes me.

No thoughts taunt me
No regrets tonight;
The coast is all clear.

I lay and wait for sweet sleep to envelop me
I close my eyes and count sheep
But hours later with thousands of sheep accounted for
I still lay here wide-eyed. Continue reading “Insomnia”