Painless Not dead, though An escape and a release it seems But it's a tight grip; so tight every broken piece holds still; still enough to form a great illusion, an illusion of wholeness... but illusion is like a glass- It can be broken Quiet- Dead quiet, silent and still; still as though the world … Continue reading Numb


Sleep eludes me tonight! My mind is clear as a cloudless sky But still sleep eludes me. No thoughts taunt me No regrets tonight; The coast is all clear. I lay and wait for sweet sleep to envelop me I close my eyes and count sheep But hours later with thousands of sheep accounted for … Continue reading Insomnia

My Story

I have a story A story to tell A story to share But what words would dare Casually reflect and express The feelings of the oppressed Or tell justly The grip of injustice On a society of civilized barbarians. ¬† A story must be told In honesty and truth I must be bold Enough to … Continue reading My Story


For the needy and poor For the sake of posterity For the bolted door That holds behind it prosperity. For a life of ease For the mind to know peace For a better tomorrow That's safe with no sorrow. We labour and toil Even though it seems it holds no joy Daily work must go … Continue reading Money

Love is Unique…

I could write of love all day long and tell of its sweet moments in a song, the painful memories of its loss And the shattered being that bears the cross. I could tell of love's tragedy; like Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Of crossed fate and destiny and the sweet destruction true lover's get. I … Continue reading Love is Unique…

Good Friend

Alone and lost in thought Thoughts of life to come and future unknown Hope for a better tomorrow. I leave most behind, To acquire things long denied. To see life beyond my horizon Alone and quietly mulling... Then you came along Treading softly and gently as Though on a rickety bridge. A pleasant word you … Continue reading Good Friend