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The Firm Foundation Your Life Needs

Sometimes it will look like nothing is working out in your favour. Sometimes it will feel like the universe is conspiring against you and luck has turned its back on you. Sometimes the feeling of helplessness may become so overwhelming that you are forced to consider lowering your standard.
If you’ve ever felt like that, you are not alone. It is a natural feeling in times of distress.
But there is something that serves like a support system in this trying times that everyone needs to have, and it’s none other than the good foundations provided by correct principles.

Principles are the foundation of anyone’s character. The kinds of principles your life is based on determines the kind of person you are. It also determines the kinds of virtue and skills that can be built on it, virtues that are compatible with the principles. Continue reading “The Firm Foundation Your Life Needs”

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Having a Voice Worth Hearing

​Basic exercise:

Close your eyes.
There are two people in the room with you. One is near your left ear, the other towards by your right. One has a story to tell you and the other is dumb.

They are both quiet.

Can you tell with your eyes closed (or even opened) who has a story to tell?
Chances are, no, you can’t.
A person who doesn’t speak in this context is no different from a person who can’t speak.

There is a lesson that says, “always say less than is necessary.”

Meaning, what you FEEL you need to say, is most likely not really needed to be said.

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The Paradox of Our Uniqueness

Sometimes I feel like life is a game put together by supernatural forces and all they do to us is just for their amusement or a mere show of power. But even at that, it still feels like their twisted sense of humour gave us something good to help us cope.

When I observe people, their ways, their likes, their wants and interests, I can’t help but wonder if all is just an intricate web designed to make a person unique. You would never find someone who has something unique to them alone in the whole world, however when you check the combination of the similarities in random orders, it makes a person unique.

But this is what begs the question of ‘nature versus nurture’ in psychology. Are we the product of our biochemical make up or of our environment and things we were exposed to growing up, and every day?

The focus for now however is on the similarities in our uniqueness. What that means in simple term is this:

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All The Little Lights

I can be deceitful, insensitive to others’ feelings, rude and short-tempered. I can be dogmatically unreasonable. But I choose not to be.

However, I know that everyone is not like me. I realize that I’ll meet deceitful, unethical, short-tempered and unreasonable people everyday I go out or come online.

I know for a fact that, no matter how prepared I am to encounter this people, I sometimes will fall victim to their deceit. That, regardless of my decision to be as good as I can be, I shouldn’t expect everyone to be the same way. Continue reading “All The Little Lights”

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A Renewed Sense of Purpose

There are just about a few things that are as frustrating as having so much to do but little time. You see, this is not an issue even proper time management can solve because the issue didn’t come up because you didn’t manage your time properly, but because there is so much to do that time, no matter how properly managed, is just not enough. And this kind of problem, I have observed, usually arise when you find purpose- a purpose for your existence and your relationship with both your environment and the people in it.

I had the privilege of spending time discussing with one of my oldest friends, Joel Akingunola, recently, and in the course of the discussion, he shared Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard commencement speech with me; actually I started reading it on his phone but due to lack of sufficient time at the moment, I asked him to mail it to me so I could read it up. But because of one thing or the other, I couldn’t get back to reading it until I was with another friend and we were talking about ideas that could be profitable. The discussion then led to the area of goals and “where do you see yourself in…?” Continue reading “A Renewed Sense of Purpose”

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Memories Never Fade…

We never really move away from an old life, we just suppress it to entertain and make space for the new one. Sometimes, the new becomes so comfortable that we begin to forget what the old life looks and feels like; we suppress it into oblivion.

But the truly interesting part is that, we never truly forget because we never really moved on in the first place.

Why? Continue reading “Memories Never Fade…”

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The one constant thing I’ve always cared about is myself. In any situation I find myself, anywhere, any time, the one thing I think about is how I can leave a better me or gain from whatever situation I am….or at least, even if I can’t gain, I should be able to leave without losing. That sounds selfish, I know. In fact, very selfish, I know too.
But the thing is, if I don’t care about myself and becoming better and gaining or in the least break even, who else will?

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