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What Is The Point of Friends?

Something is wrong with me.

I don’t feel I have enough friends in my life. Yes, there is quite a number of people and acquaintances, but it doesn’t feel like friendship to me. But then, the concept of friendship has always been a little vague to me. We know we need to make “good friends”. And while “good friends” is subjective, it is still very confusing. Who qualifies as a good friend? I have my values and other people have theirs. Okay I’m supposed to link up with people who share the same values as I.

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A Narcissist’s View

I think narcissism has its good side, like brewing an intense distaste for unnecessary drama that doesn’t concern you while you focus on yourself. It is however left to the narcist to channel the excess self-love into a force to get productive work done.

I’d rather sit and write some lame ass story while listening to the sound of my off-key voice sing along to Tim McGraw’s “Highway Don’t Care” and thereafter go online to learn something that will make me appear smarter by updating my knowledge archive than to go spend hours on twitter reading about other people’s drama that has nothing to do with me.

I love myself too much to have time for irrelevant happenings around me, but I don’t indulge in unproductive me-time. I rather channel the energy into a growth-inducing endeavour that fuels my narcissism but also improves me.

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Old Age, Now that you’re young.


I look around now, when my youth gets to my head; when I’m strong and in perfect health, the strength of youth zinging through my pores, and I see the elderly around me. Then I imagine. I imagine the state I’d be in when I’m their age: physical, mental and even spiritual state. I must confess that I, especially, imagine how I would look when I’m their age; how my face would look like;would I be a pretty old lady. Call me petty. Lol.

And then I wonder. I wonder whether or not I’d want my children and grand-children around me when I’m old; whether or not my children and grand-children will even have time for their old and frail granny

Then, I come to conclusions. I come to conclusions about what I would want and wouldn’t want at that age. I wouldn’t want to be neglected at that age…

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Nekkid Pic Nostradamus


I wanted to use a pic of Jennifer Lawrence, but didn’t know if I’d get sued. Since we’re living in an age where technology is the ‘second coming’ and the internet is our ‘messiah’, why don’t we take a moment to consider what the human race has gotten itself into. I can’t in all honesty tell you exactly what the internet is or where it comes from! This technology came on so fast we never had time to understand it. We possess the power to talk and share values with people across the world, while, in the same moment, an enigmatic figure can steal money from the coffers of world governments. Pedophiles can peddle their creepiness, human traffickers and various pederasts. Terrorists can recruit and hackers can steal sensitive information, while I can hardly figure out how to post a single picture of my dick.

First off, have you ever…

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10,000 hours: Practice, Learn, Practice, Learn, Practice, Learn, Practice, Succeed.


10,000 hours: Practice, Learn, Practice, Learn, Practice, Learn, Practice, Succeed.
In the book Outliers , author Malcolm Gladwell says that it takes roughly ten thousand hours of practice to achieve mastery in a field. How does Gladwell arrive at this conclusion? And, if the conclusion is true, how can we leverage this idea to achieve greatness in our professions?

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Imperfect Authentic Cadence

John Ogunjimi's Blog

Imperfect Authentic Cadence

In case you do not know what the title means, don’t bother, I would rather not bore you with what means it too; so, let it be. However, if you are so inquisitive that you just must know, you can Google-search that after reading this post. Not now! I said AFTER!

Straight to business. The two important words we are considering are ‘imperfect‘ (from the word ‘perfect’) and ‘authentic‘. I’m not an authority in grammar and I am no linguist either, but I do know ‘perfect‘ and ‘authentic‘ are not synonyms. As wrong as I may be, the combination of ‘imperfect’ and ‘authentic’ still sounds paradoxical to me.

I’m taking it for granted that you know what the two words independently mean. Of course, you do! Their combination has set me thinking. Can something be imperfect and yet authentic?…

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