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The Trap of One-hit Wonder

The problem of one hit wonder is that it is like smoke. It is gone before you realise.
Why? Because it entails gaining the spotlight before you learn how to work the lights. It is gaining massive recognition before you have attained mastery.

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Memento Mori

I was in the middle of my devotion this morning (one of my morning routines) and as I was meditating, I was thankful for my position in space-time, my lacks, my wants, my families and friends, my life. Then a simple phrase just popped into my mind, right in the middle of my appreciation:


It was so profound and resonant that I had to pause and listen clearly. It came again: Memento Mori.

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Why You Should Fail

You are going to make a lot of mistakes in life if you are intent on growing or not. You are going to fail constantly, you are going to feel pain. That’s one of the costs of living.

However, not everyone sees mistakes and failures the same way. Some will fail and keep failing, moving around in circles and failing at the same thing repeatedly. As it has been rightly said, those who do not learn from the past are bound to repeat it.

You are going to make mistakes, but you are not supposed to keep making the same mistakes. Failures show us the way by showing us which isn’t the way. If you cannot learn from your failures, if you don’t understand why you failed the first time and avoid those pitfalls, you are destined to keep failing at the same thing. And trust me, that’s terrible.

The point of failing is so you can make progress, because then, you know which isn’t the way forward and you take another path. But if you refuse to acknowledge that the path you are on is not leading anywhere, then you keep going in circles and keep coming back to where you started from.

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Becoming Grateful

When you consider how everything around looks, how the economy is, the state of the nation, the state of your own personal life and how everything sometimes feel like an uphill battle, it’s not do difficult to lose sight of the important things.

One of those things is gratitude.

I made it a habit to always write down something I’m grateful for in my daily journal entry but after reading a couple of books, I realised that there is a difference between writing down something you are grateful for and actually feeling grateful for that thing.

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Learning To Lose

Life is not just a game, according to Jordan Peterson, it is a set of games, and the rule is never sacrifice victory across a set of games for victory in a single game.

It’s simple. Our lives are made up of series of events, and while all these events and our responses to them define the kind of life we have, no single event is our life.

The important thing is, while we are doing everything we can to make each event as successful as possible in order to richly fortify our life as a whole, there are some times when victory in a single game would significantly alter our life negatively. And such an impact might be very hard to recover from.

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Bruno’s Death, A Rite of Passage

It was not the usual clang clang sound of two rusted iron tied together that always preceded Bruno, Mr Fagbem’s dog, that called my attention this one time. It was a snarling. The snarling of horror mixed with madness. It was the sound of being majorly pissed and at the same time scared shitless.

Bruno was a German Shepherd, notorious for he’s ferociousness with strangers and he’s playfulness with allies. But the allies were not necessarily people that Bruno saw frequently, they were people he trusted, people he chose. You could come to our compound every day and bring a sack of bones for Bruno each time and it still wouldn’t like you. And if Bruno didn’t like you, he wouldn’t touch your bribes. But not just that, if Bruno didn’t like you, you would not enjoy your stay in our house very much because Bruno would almost bark his head off. And once you come out, make sure your back was not turned to him at any time.

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You’re Doing Your Best. Relax.

Lately, I’ve been working hard on myself.

Since late last year, I developed the habit of pushing past my limits, both physically and mentally.

I started working on my body, running miles till I feel my lungs would collapse but going further anyway, working out till my muscles are all strained and feeling messed up, yet I still push myself up.

I also pushed through my mental limits. I began to read outside my domain of comfort. Subjects that require deep thinking and concentration.

I started asking tough questions that have kept me and a while lot of other people boxed up for so long because we are scared to challenge some set powers.

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