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I think I’ve grown more comfortable with having less than having more.

It’s probably a state of mind or a flawed mentality, but I don’t care very much.

Having more is a burden. My wants are much. Once my needs are satisfied, the wants start screaming for attention and sometimes the noise can be deafening and swooning, so that you just go with the flow to silence one want after the other until you are left with probably nothing. Continue reading “Less”

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What Is The Point of Friends?

Something is wrong with me.

I don’t feel I have enough friends in my life. Yes, there is quite a number of people and acquaintances, but it doesn’t feel like friendship to me. But then, the concept of friendship has always been a little vague to me. We know we need to make “good friends”. And while “good friends” is subjective, it is still very confusing. Who qualifies as a good friend? I have my values and other people have theirs. Okay I’m supposed to link up with people who share the same values as I.

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The Attention Hoggers

I try my best not to judge others, but in the end I’m just a human, especially since they make it very easy. The attention hoggers who make every bit of step they make a news worthy of our attention. Oh, it’s the food they are eating for the first time, a friend they’ve not seen in forever, a cup of tea we might like (common, it’s your damn cup of tea).

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Controlling Chaos

In the event that things don’t turn out the way we plan for it to, all hell has the potential to go loose. It is instinctual to want order in our lives. But one of the most dominant things in our existence is the ever presence of chaos, unpredictability, the unknown–in the weather, in the response and reaction of others around us, in the future. We are surrounded by uncertainties and it is normal for us to want to exert control and authority over the things closest to us, over the people around us. It is only human of us to want to be in charge of something, because then, we don’t feel so helpless and useless.

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A Narcissist’s View

I think narcissism has its good side, like brewing an intense distaste for unnecessary drama that doesn’t concern you while you focus on yourself. It is however left to the narcist to channel the excess self-love into a force to get productive work done.

I’d rather sit and write some lame ass story while listening to the sound of my off-key voice sing along to Tim McGraw’s “Highway Don’t Care” and thereafter go online to learn something that will make me appear smarter by updating my knowledge archive than to go spend hours on twitter reading about other people’s drama that has nothing to do with me.

I love myself too much to have time for irrelevant happenings around me, but I don’t indulge in unproductive me-time. I rather channel the energy into a growth-inducing endeavour that fuels my narcissism but also improves me.