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The Trap of One-hit Wonder

The problem of one hit wonder is that it is like smoke. It is gone before you realise.
Why? Because it entails gaining the spotlight before you learn how to work the lights. It is gaining massive recognition before you have attained mastery.

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Becoming Grateful

When you consider how everything around looks, how the economy is, the state of the nation, the state of your own personal life and how everything sometimes feel like an uphill battle, it’s not do difficult to lose sight of the important things.

One of those things is gratitude.

I made it a habit to always write down something I’m grateful for in my daily journal entry but after reading a couple of books, I realised that there is a difference between writing down something you are grateful for and actually feeling grateful for that thing.

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How to Not Waste Your Life

If there is anything anyone should cherish, keep, guard with all jealousy and zealousness, it is their time.


Time is unarguably the most precious commodity everyone possesses. And as precious as it is, it is given equally to everyone everywhere everyday–as long as they still have breath in them. The only difference is that, while everyone has equal access to time in a day, some people’s time run out before others.


Let me be less vague.

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All The Little Lights

I can be deceitful, insensitive to others’ feelings, rude and short-tempered. I can be dogmatically unreasonable. But I choose not to be.

However, I know that everyone is not like me. I realize that I’ll meet deceitful, unethical, short-tempered and unreasonable people everyday I go out or come online.

I know for a fact that, no matter how prepared I am to encounter this people, I sometimes will fall victim to their deceit. That, regardless of my decision to be as good as I can be, I shouldn’t expect everyone to be the same way. Continue reading “All The Little Lights”

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Lesson For Healing

 Let me create a scenario:
Imagine this.
Imagine your life is a house–with doors and windows, obviously. For the purpose of this illustration, it is YOUR life, which means it is YOUR house; you have the keys to the door into the house.
Now imagine other people are also house owners with keys to their houses.
Following? Good.
Now someone comes to your house and starts throwing stones and whathaveyou at your house so much that it breaks something, say a window, and leaves it damaged.
You are angry! Of course, you should be; it’s your house and that glass on the window is so damn expensive and now it’s broken for no good reason. You don’t deserve that! So you open your door and go out to meet the perpetrator. You challenge them but they don’t see the wrong in what they just did and don’t see the need to apologize or try to fix it. In fact, they storm off, leaving you outside your house, angry.

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When Life Happens…

I was on my way back to Lagos when I saw these words on a billboard:
When Life Happens, Still Be Happy.
I thought it to be strange at first because of the word “Still.” Why would someone want you to still be happy when life happens? But then I realized that there are two right questions and that wasn’t one of them.
The first is: What does it mean for life to happen? It was obvious whatever this “life” is, it had to be negative because of the use of “still”. So I thought about my life.
I recently just got back from the South-Eastern part of the country where I had been for the larger part of a year. It was a rural area and there were various challenges I experienced, the major part being that there was little to no electricity where I stayed for practically a whole year which made it quite a challenge for me, an internet person, to stay in touch with everything outside of that little town.
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Progress counts, no matter how little.

I made a little mistake today; I allowed myelf to worry too much.
I recently made a decision to stop putting off the life I want, and stop “dreaming”. I decided to start making those dreams my reality, which is a good thing, right?


But with that decison, I realised there’s just so much I’ve dreamed about, and turning them into reality will take so much time- time that I don’t have.
I told myself I had so much to do in “no time”.
That was my mistake.

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