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Lesson For Healing

 Let me create a scenario:
Imagine this.
Imagine your life is a house–with doors and windows, obviously. For the purpose of this illustration, it is YOUR life, which means it is YOUR house; you have the keys to the door into the house.
Now imagine other people are also house owners with keys to their houses.
Following? Good.
Now someone comes to your house and starts throwing stones and whathaveyou at your house so much that it breaks something, say a window, and leaves it damaged.
You are angry! Of course, you should be; it’s your house and that glass on the window is so damn expensive and now it’s broken for no good reason. You don’t deserve that! So you open your door and go out to meet the perpetrator. You challenge them but they don’t see the wrong in what they just did and don’t see the need to apologize or try to fix it. In fact, they storm off, leaving you outside your house, angry.

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When Life Happens…

I was on my way back to Lagos when I saw these words on a billboard:
When Life Happens, Still Be Happy.
I thought it to be strange at first because of the word “Still.” Why would someone want you to still be happy when life happens? But then I realized that there are two right questions and that wasn’t one of them.
The first is: What does it mean for life to happen? It was obvious whatever this “life” is, it had to be negative because of the use of “still”. So I thought about my life.
I recently just got back from the South-Eastern part of the country where I had been for the larger part of a year. It was a rural area and there were various challenges I experienced, the major part being that there was little to no electricity where I stayed for practically a whole year which made it quite a challenge for me, an internet person, to stay in touch with everything outside of that little town.
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Progress counts, no matter how little.

I made a little mistake today; I allowed myelf to worry too much.
I recently made a decision to stop putting off the life I want, and stop “dreaming”. I decided to start making those dreams my reality, which is a good thing, right?


But with that decison, I realised there’s just so much I’ve dreamed about, and turning them into reality will take so much time- time that I don’t have.
I told myself I had so much to do in “no time”.
That was my mistake.

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Humanity, Our Last Hope

Everything seems to be happening so fast… Or rather, I’m beginning to notice how fast things are happening. And while they are happening so fast, it turns out it’s still the same thing. The same lies, the same games, the same words, the same politics, the same corruption, the same noise…all the same.

But now, it’s becoming so loud and so much and so fast because a lot of people are joining and outside there is just chaos. Everything seems to be in a constant state of disarray and everybody is just trying to get by and make a good life for themselves. Continue reading “Humanity, Our Last Hope”

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In the pangs of labour
there is hope
hope of a new life in the newborn
even as in struggle you devote
time and thoughts in search of the right words
and ways, to tell and show
the huddles and muddle in your mind
you hold on
to that glint you’ve seen afore
’cause you know it holds more,
and more will come just as it has before
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The one constant thing I’ve always cared about is myself. In any situation I find myself, anywhere, any time, the one thing I think about is how I can leave a better me or gain from whatever situation I am….or at least, even if I can’t gain, I should be able to leave without losing. That sounds selfish, I know. In fact, very selfish, I know too.
But the thing is, if I don’t care about myself and becoming better and gaining or in the least break even, who else will?

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I have no idea what is going on with me.
I have been struggling to write a single poem for months now and failing. My journal is full and instead of getting a new one, I want to force myself to become digital and use the diary I have on my phone but I couldn’t, so i decided to go back to my book, but it seemed as if the door has been locked. Continue reading “Conflict”

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Lessons from Life 2

Life may give me similar memories from different experiences, but from each I’ve learnt a unique lesson and these lessons are priceless. Like Paul said the the Bible, “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child…”. But I learnt as life’s student. Then I became a bigger child – a teenager and I thought I was a grown up. I became arrogant, I knew more than everyone, even the so-called grown ups and no one understood the things I was going through – at least that’s what i thought. I claimed things had changed from what the grown ups used to know, that it was a new world, our world! and they had no idea how things are done in it… Boy, was I naïve!
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