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Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up Too Quickly

It is often considered immature and overly childish if a child of certain age still wants mommy around all the time or wants to hold her hand. More so if you’re a male child, you just have to grow up faster than your age. You are not expected to still be crying for sweets at the age of four or still be crying because your baby sister wants to play with your favourite toy. Damnit you’re a big boy, just grow up already!

Emotional needs of children are mostly ignored these days because, I don’t know, times are changing and there is no place in the world for weak needy men? You’ve got to learn to be independent, little man!

And so from a tender age of four or five we require kids to ‘grow up’ and stop acting like sissies.

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Five a.m and I’m here pondering.
It’s very saddening looking at our track record over the course of history; it’s not looking very good. If you go through history, you’d see that most of the time, whenever man migrated and settled in a new place, they always found a way of expelling the present residence of the place–and not just expel them to a new location, they expel them into extinction, some animals, some plants. When we move around and put down our foot in a cancerous manner, what good really does that do?

For example, look at the Australian megafaunas. They were alive and kicking until about 45,000 years ago when man settled in Australia and gradually, more than 90% of them disappeared. It happened in America 16,000 years ago, as well as other places; man arrived and the long-time inhabitants began to disappear. Continue reading “Musing”

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Sleep eludes me tonight!
My mind is clear as a cloudless sky
But still sleep eludes me.

No thoughts taunt me
No regrets tonight;
The coast is all clear.

I lay and wait for sweet sleep to envelop me
I close my eyes and count sheep
But hours later with thousands of sheep accounted for
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This Thing Called Life…

So I was musing a while back and found that….

In the light of love, a sane man could be but a fool and fools they say, rush in
where angels fear to trod. Its a hard thing falling in love. In facts, its a
weakness. But sometimes one needs to be weak in another’s arms 😉 And though it
seems like it steals our sanity and makes us momentarily irrational, it actually is
one of the most important things in life that keeps us together and saves our humanity.

However, some people consider certain things to be more important than falling in
love. Why? Because it’s a distraction and while vulnerability may be helpful,
distraction could be as deadly. Dreams , ambitions, ideas…could be murdered
because of distraction, the same way love could grant clarity, inspiration and
serve as a muse to another…

…In reality, we are all fucked.


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