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Sleep eludes me tonight!
My mind is clear as a cloudless sky
But still sleep eludes me.

No thoughts taunt me
No regrets tonight;
The coast is all clear.

I lay and wait for sweet sleep to envelop me
I close my eyes and count sheep
But hours later with thousands of sheep accounted for
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This Thing Called Life…

So I was musing a while back and found that….

In the light of love, a sane man could be but a fool and fools they say, rush in
where angels fear to trod. Its a hard thing falling in love. In facts, its a
weakness. But sometimes one needs to be weak in another’s arms 😉 And though it
seems like it steals our sanity and makes us momentarily irrational, it actually is
one of the most important things in life that keeps us together and saves our humanity.

However, some people consider certain things to be more important than falling in
love. Why? Because it’s a distraction and while vulnerability may be helpful,
distraction could be as deadly. Dreams , ambitions, ideas…could be murdered
because of distraction, the same way love could grant clarity, inspiration and
serve as a muse to another…

…In reality, we are all fucked.


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